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June 30th, 2009


Shooting a few products in my living room.
Shooting a few products in my living room.

Some people use their dining room tables for eating. I use mine as a photo studio. It doesn’t really work for people (or animals), but it’s fine for small objects. Two lights and six pieces of foam-core are all you need. Oh, and a camera. You need one of those, too.

While we’re on the topic of photos, I had the opportunity to tackle two photo shoots over the past month. The first entailed a few portraits for a so-cal company, and the second was for a state-wide magazine.

After the break, take a look at a few fruits of my labor. Enjoy!


June 18th, 2009

Recent Projects + Keeping the Bugs Out

It’s been a busy few weeks. I just completed editing the first of four videos for Life Factor Research (see above). Tomorrow, I’ll share a few images from two photo shoots I’ve completed recently.

Beyond that, the only other exciting thing would be that Jessie and I built a screen for my office window. I picked up a build-it-yourself screen kit and 30 minutes later, we had an ill-fitting, poorly constructed screen for my window. It mostly fits and should keep out a majority of the bugs – that is, if it doesn’t fall out. I figured it would be easy. Is anything ever easy?

June 1st, 2009

Let’s Take a Flashback Trip

It’s June 1st, and I realized that I haven’t updated this in awhile. It’s been a busy few weeks. Let’s see what you’ve missed last month… (Insert flash-back sound effect here.)

On May 2nd, I headed down to Liberty Station in San Diego and shot a video for “Sleepless in San Diego,” an event where people spend the night under the stars to raise money for homeless. I didn’t plan ahead, so when it got dark I went home to sleep in my own bed, under my own stick on stars. You can watch the video above.

That next Sunday, the 10th, I went to the Red Bull Air Races. You can read more about that in the post below.

Then, on the 20th, Jessie and I drove up to Hollywood and saw Ben Folds again. It was a great show, and the tickets were only $10! (Plus $7 in Ticketmaster fees!!!). On the way back, I ran over some kind of plastic or metal sheet and scratched up the side of my bumper. But, it gets better. That next Friday, I was on the 8 freeway and a rock hit my windshield, cracking it! Ugh. It was not my car’s week. At all. I’ll be getting a new windshield soon.

Since then, I’ve been finishing up a big website project, and last Thursday was a big video shoot. It was a long day, and reminded me that I’m getting old. I’ll post those videos as soon as they’re done. In the meantime, if anyone knows someone who needs HD video, let me know.

(Insert flash-forward sound effect here.)

That brings us to this weekend. Yesterday, a quick trip to Ikea bought home a heavy-duty shelving unit. Now, all my equipment is securely locked away and not cluttering up my office floor. If you’re someone who likes things organized and labeled, you’d be proud of me. It feels good to have a clean office again.

Until next time….